Muddling the boundaries between work and home

I work from home. And since I recently remarried and now have three kids instead of one, my work schedule has shifted dramatically.

I think we business owners always run the risk of having muddy boundaries if we work from home. Creating the dedicated work space and time takes effort and dedication, both of which seem to be sapped after a long day of working, shuttling kids to and fro and ensuring that everyone is fed, bathed and happy.

But on a morning like this morning, I can only sit in a humble state of gratitude for what I actually have the freedom and opportunity to do. Sleep in. . . Make breakfast with my husband. . . Type this message with wet hair, no makeup and comfy lounge wear (AKA, Im in my pajamas of course my official work uniform).

Ill knock out a couple of newsletters, some ads (actually, today is exciting because Im designing a full page ad that will be in USA Today ooh, la la!), a couple of postcards and various other projects and try to manage my time to time this perfectly so I can get everyone their drafts or revisions before my day takes a shift and I abandon the computer. . .

Because around 3:00 Ill take off the speedy designer hat and put on the mom hat.

Ill break away from designing ads and newsletters to head up our Girl Scout meeting, then feed kids, followed by a basketball game and the weekly family meeting. Ill tag team with Lee to make sure the kids have sufficiently cleaned up the dinner mess, taken their showers, packed their lunches and brushed their teeth before drifting away to recharge for another action packed tomorrow.

And then, around 9:30 Ill take off the multi-tasking mom hat and put back on the speedy designer hat. Ill wear that hat until around midnight, depending on what I need to accomplish before signing off for the day.

So you can see what Im talking about with the muddy boundaries. Working at home affords me the flexibility to stop working when the kids are home, which is a huge gift. And for better or worse, it also allows me to work after theyve gone to bed (which I am used to by now, Ive done it nearly every night for the past 5 years).

Some days I feel like I cant escape the work flooding my days and nights, but today its absolutely clear that I am fortunate beyond measure to have such a robust workload and the space in which to create. The bare tree outside my office window is a hubbub of chatty birds, who will soon fly elsewhere for the day. The lazy pets are lounging around (Sula, the Siberian Husky is waiting for me to need a break and take her for a walk), the red mountain is framing in our yard, the house is quiet, Lee is at work in his own office, I have an endless supply of decaf and life is good.

And tonight, when Im sitting next to my cute, hardworking, freelancing husband in our bed with our laptops still working the night away, Ill feel the same gratitude I feel every night knowing weve got it made to have each other, this incredible family, more work than we can wrap our heads around and our own flexible schedules to manage it all.

And then well drift off to recharge and reset because another equally busy tomorrow awaits.

Someday a bunch of this hustle and bustle will fade away and well be empty nesters ready to travel the world, sleep in, hike the days away. . . Ill literally rejoice in the freedom and time I hope to have at that time. Ill dedicate a whole day to meditate. . . Ill go to design retreats. . . Ill volunteer. . . Ill make beautiful dinners that require the entire afternoon and a couple of glasses of wine to make. Ill do lunch and host creative workshops. . . And I bet Ill miss these hectic times.

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