Word. Its Wednesday (and that means Handwritten Letters day!)

In celebration of Word. Its Wednesday, I want to highlight a really cool artist, Mary Kate McDevitt, of Handwritten Letters. I came across her website recently because How Magazine highlighted the top 10 inspirational design websites and there she was!

Handwritten Letters is a project Mary Kate came up with to challenge herself to write a new letter each day. But were not talking about your typical letters you receive in the mail. . . She actually hand illustrates a letter from the alphabet each day and sends them out to those who sign up to receive them! This project makes me excited for so many reasons:

1. I love when creatives commit to their art rather than putting it off just until the work gets done. I could learn a thing or two about this! But for now, I will celebrate others who are shining examples of creativity at its best.

2. The project gets others involved. We can send Mary Kate our address and subscribe to her blog, and if we get really super lucky well receive one of her hand drawn letters! (and can I just say how smart this is? Its one of the ways she stays committed, thats for sure!)

3. Her work is beautiful! I visited her Handwritten Letters site, as well as her Personal Website and I got lost in there drooling and going gaga over the beautiful letters and signage she has created.

4. Im reminded of how rewarding the art of being an artist can be. Im reminded that I, too, can put away the computer for a bit, get out the pens and paper and just draw. I read daily affirmations about drawing my own illustrations and once in a while I actually do but it takes a true commitment to create such contrasting and unique illustrations.

If youre wondering why all the fuss, Im going to show you and I assure you, you wont be sorry! Just look:

Designed for Everyday with Rachel Ray -

and how about this designed for Wanderlust and Lodekka

and I LOVE this one I have printed my own totes but none as charming as this. . .

And I found this appropriate for the last one because I want to encourage you to check out all of Mary Kates portfolio. Like I said, you wont be sorry!

Well, thats it for Word. Its Wednesday. And I hope discovering words is as satisfying for you as it is for me! Not only can I be inspired in my own design world, I can also take that inspiration and use it for our Girl Scout cookie booth signs! Who said we couldnt be inventive and spunky??

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