Who knew Id turn out to be such a good/bad juggler of things? Im a good juggler when I think about all the projects I have knocked out over the last couple of weeks, all the Girl Scout cookies I took my daughters to sell, all of the boxes in the garage I have been organizing, all of the basketball games Ive attended and all of the nutritious food Ive managed to put into bellies.

Then I look around my office and home and realize maybe Im not such a good juggler of all things and blogging unfortunately got the cold shoulder this week! I failed to post Word. Its Wednesday. And thats really the only scheduled blog post that I do. Of course I did it two weeks in a row, which set a precedent and then I dropped it. Ill pick up that ball again.

In the meantime, its a good thing I STILL have not really shared my blog much with anyone. But those days are soon coming to a close. For I am working with my developer on a new website with this great blog feature, and darnit, Im gonna commit to being a good juggler er blogger!

To tell you the truth, I took a leave of absence this week from work. It was unplanned but completely necessary. After crunching what felt like a hundred simultaneous deadlines, frantically sending revision after revision to clients who were also at the mercy of having their suggestions reworked by NBC and going for days on end with little sleep (because I worked so late into the night of course), I just couldnt find it in my heart over the last two days to work.

So I walked the dog. And took a nap. And ate naughty food. And went to lunch with my husband. And prepared my tax paperwork (sad when this seems like a luxury, huh?). And ate yummy beet perogies (recipe compliments of Hannah, from the Bittersweet blog). And failed to post my Word post. And it felt really good.

Sometimes the reality of hitting the wall reminds me that we dedicate our lives to these external tasks to be done to the point of forgetting how to have fun and relax! Relaxation shouldnt feel like such a luxury, but rather like a part of the day that is scheduled in, just like picking up kids after school. Ill work on that.

In the meantime, Im back. I have work to do, deadlines to meet and money to be earned. I have transitions to continue, new vegetables to discover and kids to take care of. In the spirit of showing a little preciation, I send a big shout out to the Universe for blessing me with such a colorful and diverse day to day life.

The experiences of the journey make the destination seem underwhelming at times. I mean when Im busy juggling a hundred balls, I experience the exhiliration of a hundred quickly moving targets that are all relying on my quick eye, steady hand and concentration. When Im all done juggling and the momentum dissipates Im left with a hundred balls lying around. And I, for one, dont want to dedicate my time to picking up a hundred lazy balls. Then again Im committed to having at least a few lazy balls you know, for the relaxation part. Its dawning on me that Im a terrible analogy maker and its time to stop. . .

If youll excuse me, I have some juggling to do.

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