Transitions abound. . . Much has changed in my life in the past couple of months. One obvious change is getting my website updated (yay!). It was unlike me to have it offline for so long but I just simply had other priorities and knew it would be ready in its own time. Now that Im back online it may also be obvious that the nature of my website has really changed. Thats because the nature of my work is changing.

The past six years have been an adventure in design for me learning everything I could learn about graphic design, building a business from scratch, balancing freelance work with parenting and immersing myself in the life of a creative business owner. Once I hit a point of having a completely full workload, my availability became very limited, forcing me to take a good look at what I can and cannot take on. Though Im still a creative business owner, the circumstances in my life have shifted so drastically, I have also shifted my focus drastically.

Getting married recently brought about so many wonderful changes: great new husband (best friend), two awesome kids (in addition to the one awesome kid Ive had all along), a drive to spend lots of time together integrating and even some new pets. Thats the good list. Unfortunately, there have been other things that have surfaced that have been more difficult.

My grandmother was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. Because I live within an hour of her, I have chosen to be more available to her to help out and just to spend time with her. Im lucky that this is an option what a gift to be able to visit her so often and support her the way she has supported me all my life.

Sometimes its just time to shift gears. I feel like the powers that be have sent a message and Ive received it: its time to slow down in the business (mainly because the demanding deadlines cause serious anxiety when I dont have the necessary time to meet them) and shift my focus to family priorities (because I can and I want to and the time is right for this).

Aside from the strange sensation that comes from having to tell my amazing clients that I can no longer pour my heart and soul into their projects, its a refreshing and very new feeling to me. Dont get me wrong I have no intention of leaving the working world behind I just see a need to change what that means; to allow for a more flexible kind of work that maybe even incorporates the aspects of family, health, self care and all sorts of other things that excite me.

Im actually giddy about the possibilities. I realized that the work I have been doing has fed my soul creatively and professionally and thats something I thrive on. Although I have chosen to pull back from that fast paced, deadline driven, fiercely competitive realm of freelance design, I have not chosen to abandon creativity in business. In fact, I cant wait to explore the new opportunities and ideas that will inevitably bubble up.

Thats what creativity is like. Sometimes quietly hibernating, just waiting for the winter to melt so it can awaken ravenous and ready to take on the world. I cant wait. . .

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