Designing a life

Im in the midst of designing a whole new way of life not just on the surface with the new family, new responsibilities, new freedoms and new adventures, but internally as I reexamine old thought patterns that dont apply to the new life Im designing.

Have you ever found yourself at a crossroad and just had to stop to look around and decide which way youll walk? Thats where I am. Isnt that fortunate? Im at a fork in the road with my profession, and the possibilities are truly endless. You see, my incredible husband and I decided that amidst the constant activities were going to with the kids, the frequent trips out of town to see my grandmother and the demands of the Girl Scouts (that one almost makes me laugh I never would have expected that to play such a large role in my life!), that it would be a good time for me to take a step back on taking on so much design work.

We chatted about this together and I knew without a doubt I had his full support. I believe his exact words were, Life is too beautiful to bring so much stress into your life if you can let go of some of the things that keep you running around so much, please do! Relax for a bit take care of your grandma hang out with the kids take a painting class go to yoga go have lunch with your friends but please, PLEASE give yourself a break somehow because you deserve to follow your bliss. You dont have to do everything anymore, so know that you have my full support to let go of some of this stuff and really discover what you want to be doing.

Well, thats Lee. Hes a master life designer and has created such a cozy and nurturing world to live in. He follows his bliss. He passionately heads out the door to his office in the morning and spends his days inspiring his clients and business partners. And he inspires me. So here I am and Ive embarked!

It started with a letter to my clients. I had to tell them that for an undetermined amount of time I would no longer be taking on new projects. This had to be done because the work was just coming in so fast all I could do was race around trying to meet deadlines and spin wheels in my head. Its been about five weeks since I sent out that letter and now the hubbub has died down. Ive completed the projects in queue and I have kept just a couple of clients for the time being since their work doesnt keep me running constantly.

Im not gonna lie. Its a little disconcerting. But change has often had that quality for me, and the flip side is exhilaration and excitement so Ill take both emotions and let them work their magic together.

One thing I know for sure is what a gift Ive received to even have the freedom to explore new avenues of creativity while indulging in family life and a new kind of motherhood for me. Being a single parent of one daughter was far different from mothering three busy kids who are all involved with performing arts, sports and scouting. This new vibe is infusing my life with a new awareness of how much these kids actually need some down time and nurturing.

Maybe thats what this is all about. Settling into this new family life and designing a life that allows for a more flexible way for me to pursue my passions. Being chained to deadlines didnt allow me to enjoy as much family life, and quite honestly this family is a much higher priority for me. I think we all deserve to enjoy it! And I am learning that the best way to teach my kids how to honor their own unique passions and live on purpose is for me to do the same.

For that reason, the nature of this blog will be shifting a bit not a ton but a bit. Ill still be sharing our creative adventures, but I feel that even more than that, Ill be sharing how we are designing a life. My vision for this family is to continue merging, integrating and learning how to love and support each other as we build our own foundation. My vision for my own creative endeavors is to weave family life into my work, share whats working in our family and be part of the community of creative parents who are working toward that balance of family and creative passion.

Im going to be sharing whats working in our family, whats working in my own personal journey and how the two paths cross. Ill also be sharing how Im deliberately making changes to the way I think, because my old ways of thinking are too outdated to work in this new environment. Im releasing the struggle and embracing the endless opportunities. This is all very new for me, and thats the best way I can think of to start designing a different kind of life! Stick with me kid, and if nothing else, I promise to entertain. . .

Carpe Diem!

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