Welcome to my little corner of creative exploration. Let me explain how I found myself here. Admittedly, it all started with crayons on walls. . . That was my gateway to drawing, painting, ceramics, sewing, writing, graphic design, screen printing, etching and even cooking. I’ve spent a lifetime being passionate about art, beauty, food, nature and all things creative. In an attempt funnel this passion into something “creatively practical”, I studied communication and graphic design in college, always intrigued with the power of words and images. Then I packaged it all up and pursued a career in corporate marketing and freelance design. It was surreal to be doing what I loved and getting paid for it – I knew I was blessed!

Still. . .  As much as I have tried to create a stable career for myself, occasionally creative curiosity pops in when I’m least expecting it and nudges me to explore new ways to make beautiful things and to make things beautiful. This itch to learn about new avenues of creativity is exciting and familiar, and when I feel it, I know that I’m about to stumble into a new direction with new challenges, calling for fresh solutions. And that’s exactly what has happened.

Lately, I seem to have found myself relishing in the beautiful simplicity of domesticity in the home the kind that lured me from under the piles of design notes, away from the flicker of the laptop and straight into the art of creating (and enjoying) delicious new recipes, eye catching organizational systems and perfect children the kind from the fifties sitcoms. Really! Talk about grabbing onto my purpose and twirling around on the lawn!

Turns out Im a wild card in the kitchen and a master organizer of family meal planning. I swear to you can take a pumpkin and create a hundred different masterpieces from sweet to savory. It seems I’ve discovered a new passion (or as my husband might call it, obsession) for creating delicious meals that replace all of those “filler” ingredients with wholesome real food that (I swear to you) tastes much better and is much healthier. And alas, my dear readers, I must work within a budget – like most of us. So not only have I embraced the art of making food, I’ve embraced the art of making it affordable (and never wasteful).

Yes, the adventurous side of me has once again taken the practical side of me by the hand and led me skipping in a direction that is much more in alignment with my domestic talents. Who knew?

But that’s not even the most exciting part. The most exciting part is that along this new path, I bumped right into a synergistic partnership with three other wellness experts specializing in fitness, nutrition and emotional management. Our combined talents deliver a wellness approach that is based on bringing fun back into fitness, allowing nutrition to be simple again and making emotional management a peaceful practice. Peaceful, easy and fun. That’s what we’re all about, and you can find us all at www.lifeethic.com.

I’m honored to work with these inspiring women, and I urge you to explore whether Life Ethic can help you find your answer to true well being. Life Ethic brings together myself (Lifestyle Coach), Jennifer Morton (Founder and Emotional Management Coach), Tiffany Gust (Fitness Expert and Certified Trainer), and Emily Fonnesbeck (Registered Dietitian).

Thanks for reading about us – and about me. This is just one slice of my life. Perhaps you’ll pop in on my blog once in a while, and because I just invited you to do so, I suppose I’ll make a deeper commitment to updating it more often! That will be easy. I do have a lot I can’t wait to share. Thank you for joining me!