Walking = Meditation. And I could walk all day. . .

I really could. (well except that Id really need some more comfy shoes and plenty of snacks and some shade now and then, but still. . . ) I walk most mornings these days. I begin with Sula, the 13 year old Siberian Husky with a pretty heart-shaped white

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Designing a life

Im in the midst of designing a whole new way of life not just on the surface with the new family, new responsibilities, new freedoms and new adventures, but internally as I reexamine old thought patterns that dont apply to the new life Im designing. Have you ever found

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Ch-ch-ch-ch-CHANges! Transitions abound. . . Much has changed in my life in the past couple of months. One obvious change is getting my website updated (yay!). It was unlike me to have it offline for so long but I just simply had other priorities and knew it would be ready

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Who knew Id turn out to be such a good/bad juggler of things? Im a good juggler when I think about all the projects I have knocked out over the last couple of weeks, all the Girl Scout cookies I took my daughters to sell, all of the boxes in

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Word. Its Wednesday (and that means Handwritten Letters day!)

In celebration of Word. Its Wednesday, I want to highlight a really cool artist, Mary Kate McDevitt, of Handwritten Letters. I came across her website recently because How Magazine highlighted the top 10 inspirational design websites and there she was! Handwritten Letters is a project Mary Kate came up with

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Muddling the boundaries between work and home

I work from home. And since I recently remarried and now have three kids instead of one, my work schedule has shifted dramatically. I think we business owners always run the risk of having muddy boundaries if we work from home. Creating the dedicated work space and time takes effort

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Crafty DIY Valentines Ideas for Kids

Buying Valentines cards can be a drag. . . The pre-printed little cards seem so. . . so standard. Im guilty of buying them on February 13th, scraping together whats left on the supermarket shelf, but I do much prefer to do something creative if Im going to participate

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Word. Its Wednesday. (and today that means word art day)

Why Wednesday, we wistfully wonder. . . Well, because Wednesday is ruled by Mercury, governor of words of course! Todays post is dedicated to words. And today Im going to share one of my favorite ways to use words: to create art. Using words as images isnt a new concept

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